Sunshine School is dedicated to every child’s education and welfare. Their unique approach requires great care and attention to planning the preschool curriculum for each term. Sunshine School believes in a balanced experience that includes in-class learning as well as outdoor physical activity. Our dedicated teachers in Kailua have years of experience in their specific fields and regularly consult with parents, fellow faculty members and students to ensure a preschool curriculum that has your child’s best interests in mind.

Our curriculum planning is aligned with our philosophy where we strongly believe that school is not separate from a child’s life, rather, a continuation. We provide an environment that allows children the freedom to explore their world through play. Every activity is considered an opportunity to bring purpose to, and support children’s curiosity and learning. Under this value we engage children in making connections between home, school, community and the world through the following:

  • Balance of Indoor and Outdoor Periods

  • Creative Movement

  • Physical Motor Skills

  • Language

  • Literacy

  • Social and Emotional Support

  • Cognitive (Math, Science, Sensory and Discovery)

  • STEAM activities and loose parts 

  • Quiet Time

  • Routines and self help skills 

Learning by doing and experience are our focus!

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