Sunshine School Philosophy

Sunshine School was founded in 1978 on the belief that each child is a capable learner. Each child is encouraged to see him or herself as a successful, growing, and loving person. Our curriculum engages a child in making connections between home, school, community and the world. We strongly believe that school is not separate from a child's life, but a continuation.

We provide an environment that allows a child the freedom to explore their world through play. Every activity and material, has a meaningful purpose that supports the child's discovery in learning. Sunshine School is proud to be your preschool/early childhood education of choice for your son or daughter. Our programs are available to all children regardless of religion, race, color, national origin, or ability. Furthermore, we strive to make our preschool affordable for both your satisfaction and financial convenience. Contact us today.

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​At Sunshine School we strongly believe that your child deserves the chance to succeed. We will provide your child with a preschool curriculum that is both all-inclusive and personalized.


We look forward to meeting with you at our welcoming premises in Kailua, HI.


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